Life aboard an Antarctica cruise

Cruise Antarcitca – Ushuaia Penguin © Facundo Santana 093
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Those travellers lucky enough to take an Antarctica cruise are rewarded with the experience of a lifetime. Antarctica is an untouched, eye-opening land of glistening icebergs set against brilliant blue skies, with pockets of penguin colonies and whales breaching between the waves. There really is nowhere else on earth like it, so cruising to Antarctica is a true privilege as well as an unbelievable adventure.

Life on board during an Antarctica cruise adds another wonderful dimension to an Antarctica trip. Each ship has panoramic observation decks and lounges for sitting back and watching the serene landscape drift by. Many of the ships also feature outdoor cafes and some even include open air jacuzzis, which provide a bizarre experience set against the surreal, snowy surroundings. The Antarctica cruise ships all provide an extensive range of relaxing nooks for passengers to unwind and take in the remote backdrop of Antarctica. At sunset, try heading up on deck for an astounding natural light show as the sun sinks into the horizon beyond. Indoors, you’ll find fully stocked polar libraries, Internet cafes, gyms, beauty salons and more, so there’s plenty to keep you occupied during your whole Antarctica adventure.

However, Antarctica cruises are not only ideal for sitting back and watching the world drift by – they are also true wilderness adventures of the highest order. Each ship includes a fleet of zodiac landing craft to zip through the narrow straits and passages of Antarctica towards glaciers and icebergs. There are plenty of opportunities to get ashore during an Antarctica cruise, from snow-shoeing to skiing to hiking and even camping on the icebergs. Some voyages include photography courses and all of them pass exceptional wildlife-watching spots. If you’re happier being out on the water, you can try kayaking and polar diving in the icy depths of the Antarctica waters – an experience that is bound to stay with you forever. Alternatively, if you would rather simply soak up the atmosphere from the observation decks or your own private balcony, that’s also a wonderful way to while away the hours.

Whether you’re a highly social traveller keen to meet like-minded adventurers, or you’re craving some hard-earned privacy and seclusion, there will be an Antarctica cruise to suit you. Many ships offer unassigned seating at meals for passengers to mingle and share experiences, while each ship features balcony suites for those looking for some splendid isolation amongst the icebergs. Whatever you’re looking for from your trip, you’ll find it aboard a cruise to Antarctica.

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